Saigon Le Vendeur Near Alexan E6

Saigon Le Vendeur Near Alexan E6

Upgrade your life with a great change of address. Find more than a luxury lifestyle at the Alexan E6 in Austin Texas. These luxury apartment homes are more than just a pretty face. Fill your life with luxury apartment features that remove the stress from your daily grind. Saving you time and helping you relax is how these features make your life better. Want to share your good life? Lavish your friends in community amenities that make your long weekend really worth it. Enjoy great life balance, easily switching between social life and perfect solitude any time you want. When you crave some fun around the town, you get to have what everyone wants – fantastic options. Your next go-to place is just around the corner. Great eats, entertainment, and hot spots? Just steps from your door. Your larger community is great for entertaining guests and catching some fun for yourself.

Austin’s dining scene is as eclectic and inventive as their music. Converted from shipping containers, Saigon Le Vendeur offers Vietnamese banh mi. You can trust what people are saying about them. One reviewer notes “So, if you’re looking for a unique twist on Vietnamese food, this is the food truck for you! It screams Austin with its ambiance and decor. Very very comfortable and in the middle of east Austin.  I ordered the Banh Mi with grilled chicken and everything on it, and the vermicelli bowl with chicken as well. The Banh Mi wasn’t dry and had the perfect amount of crunch and moistness. Also, the bread was fresh. I added Sriracha because I love spice! The Vermicelli bowl is HUGE!!! It’s packed with noodles and meat and veggies and a dressing!!! It’s bursting with different flavors. You can spice it up or eat it pretty simply. It comes with fried onions as a topping. The noodles are loaded in abundance in this bowl and they give you a hefty amount of meat as well. Well-cooked and seasoned, some of the best Vermicelli I have had. Really really loved this place.”

Discover Saigon Le Vendeur. You always find more than indulgent luxury apartments at the Alexan E6 in Austin Texas.

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