Ideas for decorating your apartment

Gallery Display

Use floating shelves to show off a collection of decorative objects and mementos. Stagger the shelves for a unique look. Basic shelves serve as a strong basis for rotating displays. They will go with almost anything, which means you can change the look of the vignette, leaving the shelves in place and avoid making any more holes in your apartment walls.

Paint Options

If you can’t paint the walls in your apartment, paint your furniture. A new paint job on a bed frame or nightstand can be just as impactful as new color on the walls.

Embrace Open Storage

Employ an industrial metal shelving unit as extra kitchen storage… The cool finish of this unit recalls metal touches that are standard in pro kitchens. Use baskets to...

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Strength and Cardio Gym + More Activity

Every time you open up a health article – whether it’s thumbing through the most recent newspaper or magazine or clicking on an article through your browser – it seems that doctors stress the importance of exercise with each syllable, and with good reason. Finding fifteen minutes of your day, at least three times a week, to workout has been proven to improve your overall health,...

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Modern Amenities on East Sixth

Everyone likes to have the newest technology for their home or their office: they typically run a lot smoother compared to their older counterparts, thus tasks and errands can get done much fast, and with so many new features getting added every day, it’s almost impossible to not get connected with friends and family. Here at Alexan E6, our beautiful luxury apartments feature today’s best...

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Two-Bedroom Apartment of Opportunity

There’s several reasons to have an extra bedroom for your home: for one, it makes a great guest room for when your family or closest friends come to visit, or it allows you to bring someone on a more permanent basis to help split the bills; it’s also great for converting into your personal office, your hobby or collection room, or even a media room to set up high quality projectors and...

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A Family Friendly Halloween Activity in Austin

It’s Halloween time, and the zombies are crawling from the grave to dine on delicious brains! Okay, so maybe that’s mostly fiction stemmed from superstition and modern-day horror films, but that doesn’t mean...

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