An Austin Adventure that Takes New Heights


There’s something about flight that appeals to many people: the ability to soar through the skies with little worries, gracing your fingertips against the clouds, and to see the world through a bird’s eye view. While individual flight may still be impossible for humans, we can at least fall with style, and there’s a venue close to our luxury apartments in Austin at Alexan E6 that let you experience the exhilaration of free fall in a safe and fun environment.

iFly is a chain of skydiving simulators scattered throughout the nation, dedicated to give an authentic indoor flight experience for all ages. Its Austin location is no more than twenty miles from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can take I-35 and 183 straight there in under half an hour. Each flight allows you, a small group of friends, and a professional instructor inside an aerodynamic tube of fans, which can propel your body in the air until you’re at constant free fall, much like when you jump out of an airplane. It’s the perfect safe alternative to skydiving for younger families or for those sensitive with heights. Bring your friends together for a fun weekend flight, or sign up for one of their programs for professional training, such as for military. Tickets are available for first-time flyers, returning acrobats, or for groups larger than five people, which includes free gear rental, pre-flight training, and one-on-one instructions.

Take to the skies and have a blast here at Alexan E6. Come see our lively luxury apartments and iFly Austin for your next adventure.

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