Book People: A Bookworm’s Delight in Downtown Austin

There’s something magically surreal about sitting down and reading a book. The best novels capture your attention and pull you into an alternate universe, allowing you to create the scene, characters, and objects in that realm within your own mind. If you happen to be a book lover and plan to live in our incredible luxury apartments at Alexan East 6th, then you’re in luck: our neighborhood is made to appeal to all sorts of hobbies, Book People, including those who read for leisure.

Book People is an independent bookseller situated in downtown Austin; it’s the biggest in the city, has been around since 1970, and has claimed the title for the best bookseller in Austin for over fifteen years. It’s located only two and a half miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning you can drive your car, ride your bike, or even take public transit to the closest stop in under twenty minutes. This huge store features thousands of books from authors around the globe in dozens of genres: from children’s fables and older kid’s chapter books to teenage stories of romance and disorder to adult fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and non-fiction of every topic imaginable. There are fourteen separate and exciting book clubs that meet on different types of the month – from the topical “Required Reading Revisited” and “Uncomfortable Reads” to the fantastic “Second Star to the Right” and “Ludicrous Speed” club – so there’s always something to discuss with likeminded enthusiasts and fans around town. There are even book signings and visits from famous local and national authors, so there’s always something eventful to enjoy.

Indulge in a fantastic story right from home at Alexan E6. Explore our wonderful luxury apartments and the equally wonderful Book People bookstore in Austin today.

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