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Luxury Austin Apartments

When you are looking for just the right place to call home you want the perfect balance of beauty and personal comfort. Welcome home to the Alexan East 6th Luxury Austin Apartments, where you will find the balance you crave. Here you can enjoy a premiere suite of personal luxury apartment features and matching community amenities that complete your home lifestyle. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from finding just the right layout and floorplan with the room you need to live in comfort. Your new luxury apartment home resides in one of the best neighborhoods that features dining and entertainment experiences you will be proud to share with your friends. Your perfect home is waiting for you.

All the luxury you crave doesn’t have to end at your doorstep. When you live at the...

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Austin Apartments Good Enough to Eat

Eating is unique in that it’s both a necessity and a hobby. Everyone needs to eat in order to keep up their health, but with so many flavors, meals, and treats to try that you can virtually have a different meal every time you sit at the table. Our luxury Austin apartments at Alexan E6 offer fantastic amenities throughout, including the kitchen, so you can enjoy all kinds of great meals on...

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Outstanding One-Bedroom Austin Apartments

When most people look for one-bedroom Austin Apartments, they look for the basics: enough space to fit their furniture and needs, a good spot close to their work or their families, and a standard bedroom and bathroom...

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Stress-Melting Relief in Austin

Built-up stress is a literal pain: it gathers in your muscles and makes them sore, and it clouds your mind like an ugly smog, throwing off your concentration and mood. For those moments when you need a breather, when you need to pull away from the desk or your laptop, and when you just need a getaway from the tedious moments of adulthood, our neighborhood at Alexan East 6th gives you the...

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Awesome Fitness in Our Austin Luxury Apartment Community

There’s always a good reason to start an exercise or diet plan, whether you’re looking to shed off excess fat, you want to boost your physical endurance during the day, or you’re just looking for something to...

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