Austin Apartments for Awesome Hangouts

There’s no doubt that friendship is a commodity that should never be wasted or taken for granted. The true friends in your life are there during your happiest and saddest days, whether you simply need the company to make your day easier or you’d like to go out and enjoy a vivacious evening after work. Our luxury apartments at Alexan East 6th allow you to gather up friends from all over for a great hangout, thanks to our stellar amenities and features.

First, all our luxury apartments have ceilings at least nine feet tall, offering more space for your friends to stretch out and lounge back. Keep your company cool as a cucumber through our efficient air conditioning and heating system and the ceiling fans installed in every living room and bedroom. Serve out some delicious...

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Two-Bedroom Apartments in Austin for Creative Minds

There are a lot of benefits in owning a two-bedroom apartment, particularly a luxury apartment such as in Alexan East 6th: for starters, you could bring in a roommate to cut down on bills and errands, you can invite...

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Solving the Puzzle of Boredom in Austin

Let’s face it: no one likes to be bored. As much as it’s tiring to get overloaded with work at the office, or to have a huge list of errands that need to be cleared out before the end of the week, having nothing to do or no one to see is perhaps more exhausting. Thankfully, our colorful neighborhood in Alexan East 6th allows you to break free from doldrums, great for when you’re looking...

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An Apartment Community with a Helping Hand at Austin

Daily life seems to be a never-ending list of errands: there’s always more assignments to fulfill down at the office, another supermarket run to make when you run out of eggs, another part of the house to clean,...

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Apartments with Superb Comfort at Austin

As a young Kansas girl once mused after a long, fantastical journey through strange new worlds far beyond the imagination: “There’s no place like home.” It’s the one place that you can truly be yourself, where you can wind down and ease your burdens after a long and trying day, and where friends and family can gather for good times. Our luxury apartments at Alexan East 6th are designed...

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