Stress-Melting Relief in Austin

Built-up stress is a literal pain: it gathers in your muscles and makes them sore, and it clouds your mind like an ugly smog, throwing off your concentration and mood. For those moments when you need a breather, when you need to pull away from the desk or your laptop, and when you just need a getaway from the tedious moments of adulthood, our neighborhood at Alexan East 6th gives you the chance to find your center close to home.

The Zen Mind+Body Spa is a deluxe daytime escape, offering soothing massages, facial and body treatments, and anything else you need to unwind and detox your body and spirit. It’s located ten to fifteen miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning you can drive down and meet your appointment in around twenty minutes, depending on traffic. Every massage – from the 70 min “Samadhi Package” deal to the full 100 min “Buddha’s Dream” deal – includes hot stone therapy, herbal steam towels, aromatherapy, hot packs, an infrared amethyst massage table, and Zen Blend tea to break down built-up strain in the muscles and make you feel right at ease. Sweat off your worries and clean out your body in the private infrared sauna, or sign up for a Reiki or energy session to focus on your seven chakras and release the tension on the energy centers of your body. There’s even a couple’s massage package, perfect for mother and daughter visits, treating a friend, or sharing a back rub with a significant other.

Find the ultimate comfort and bliss right from home at Alexan E6. Check out our luxury apartments in Austin and schedule an appointment at the Zen Mind+Body Spa for your next heavenly escape.


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